Procedure for Ordering a Portrait

Email Photos

If you are considering having me paint a portrait for you, please email photos of your subject (none taken with flash if possible as these are very difficult to work from). I may ask for additional photos. Include with your email the dimensions of the finished painting (painting only, not including mat and frame.


I will tell you whether or not I can paint a portrait using your photos, and I will provide a quote based  on a charge of $1.50 per square inch according to the dimensions you provided.

Order Confirmation / Down Payment

With your acceptance of my quote, you agree to pay 50% of the quoted price as a down payment, and you will pay the balance upon your approval of the finished painting.

Approval / Final Payment / Delivery

I will send you an email attachment of the finished painting. With your acceptance of the painting, you will pay the 50% balance owed and I will ship the painting for free within two days of receipt of the final payment. If you do not accept the painting, which is unlikely, you will be refunded 50% of your down payment.